Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crimson Phoenix Bases

I thought you might like to see what I am doing with the bases for these marines. Since the land is supposed to be an unstable volcanic region, I wanted the bases to reflect that. First I glued down some bits of cork to stand in for volcanic rock. I then used green stuff, a two part epoxy putty,to create valleys for my flowing lava and cones or small fissures where the lava can sit. I then glued sand to the bases with white PVA glue.
Once this was dry I primed the bases black and proceeded to paint them. I started with a mix of P3 Bastion Grey and Underbelly Blue. To that I added just a drop of Merrow White. Finally I edged rocks and sand with pure Merrow White. I then took three drops of Brown Ink and mixed it with 1 part Armor Wash and 1 part mixing medium to wash the sand on the bases. Once this had dried I did a second wash with 3 drops Armor wash and 1 drop Mixing Medium.

For the lava I started with a base color of P3 Ember Orange. I then layered pure Cygnar Yellow in stripes over the Ember Orange, making sure that some of the Orange showed through. I continued this layering effect with Heartfire, Khador Red Highlight, Khador Red Base, then a layer of Khador Red Base mixed with a little Iosan Green and then finally a layer of Cygnar Yellow again.

I will be using GF9's Ash Waste Flock and Dead/Winter Static grass as additions to the bleak terrain the bases currently represent. These will also be used to hide the joins on the bases when I add the marines. I will be posting the painting guide for the marines shortly.
Until then I would love to know what kind of painting or terrain stuff you would like to see. Just post me an email and let me know what puzzles you as a miniatures painter or converter and I will be happy to post my ideas about it here.