Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beastmen Minotuars Build and Paint

With so many folks concerned about the look of the new Minotaurs due to the pictures that are circulating, I wanted to quickly build and paint one to see what would come out of the new models. The sprues were certainly packed with goodies.

From these you can see a number of options for one hand or two hand weapons and a number of heads. The bodies are fairly rigid but I was not looking to convert them, so this was not a problem. Spare open hands, weapon arms, heads, and other goodies leave a lot of stuff for your bitz box.

I quickly put together the group of three as a command group.

As you can see they rank up fairly well and seem very solid on their bases. After a quick blast of white primer, I began to paint them up. You will note that I use a combination of Privateer Press Paints and Vallejo Game Color. I will be specific about what the paints are as I go over the painting process step by step.

1. I began with a wash over the model with a mixture of one part P3 Armor Wash and three parts P3 Mixing Medium.
2. This was followed by a base coat of three parts P3 Idrian Flesh to one part P3 Flesh Wash and one part P3 Mixing Medium.
3. For Highlighting I added P3 Ryn Flesh to the above mixture.
4. Then more Ryn Flesh added to the mixture.
5. Finally I took plain Ryn Flesh and added a touch of the old mixture to it for a final highlight.

6. Now I took P3 Thamar Black and coved the metal parts of the model and any horns.
7. I started painting the fur of the Minotaur with a mixture of four parts P3 Beasthide to one part P3 Thamar Black.
8. I then used one part P3 Brown ink to one Part P3 Armor Wash to cover the fur patches.
9. I then used the Thamar Black and Beasthide mixture to go back over the Minotaur fur.
10. I added Rucksack Tan to the above mixture to highlight the fur.
11. The leather straps and armor bits on the Minotaur were based with a mix of three parts P3 Thamar Black to one part P3 Beasthide (see how changing the mixture amounts gets you a completely different color but keeps you with a limited palette of paints so you keep a theme to you painting).
12. More Beasthide was added to the above mixture to highlight.
13. Finally Rucksack Tan was added to the mixture for the last highlight on the leather armor.

14. The handles of the weapon and the standard are basecoated in P3 Coal Black
15. I added a touch of P3 Marrow White to get a highlight for the handles.
16. The Banner was Basecoated in P3 Beasthide.
17. The highlights for the banner began with one part P3 Beasthide mixed with one part P3 Rucksack Tan.
18. The next Highlight was just Rucksack Tan.
19. Another highlight was added with one part Rucksack Tan and one part P3 Jack Bone.
20. A final highlight was done with the above mixture adding one part P3 Marrow Whie.

21. The fur on the banner is a mixture of one part P3 Bloodtracker Brown and one part P3 Thamar Black.
22. The first highlight on the fur is pure Bloodtracker Brown.
23. The next highlight is a mix of one part Bloodtracker Brown to one part P3 Menoth White Base.
24. The final highlight is pure P3 Menoth White Highlight spotted here and there.
25. The weapon wrapping and ropes on the model were then basecoated with P3 Menoth White Base.
26. The first highlight is P3 Menoth White Highlight.
27. A final Highlight is P3 Marrow White.
28. The metal on the weapons and armor were heavily dry brushed with Vallejo Game Color Tinny Tin.
29. A base coat of Vallejo Game Color Oily Steel was then put on the weapons.
30. The armor and weapons were then given a wash of Vallejo Game Color Smokey Ink.
31. Oily Steel was then base coated again on the weapons and armor.
32. The blade and armor edges were given an initial highlight of one part Oily Steel mixed with one part Vallejo Game Color Silver.
33. A final Highlight was given to the armor and weapon of pure Vallejo Game Color Silver.
34. The horns, teeth, and any bones on the model were basecoated with P3 Jack Bone, this was striped on the horns of the Minotaur.
35. The initial highlight on these was P3 Menoth White Base.
36. Then P3 Menoth White Highlight.
37. Finally a last highlight of P3 Marrow White.
38. Because the rope were so pale on the model I did a light wash on them using one part P3 Frostbite Blue to three parts P3 Mixing Medium.
39. The Rock ornament on the Minotaur’s left ear was basecoated with P3 Ironhull Grey.
40. The leather sack on the left side of the Minotaur was basecoated in P3 Bloodtracker Brown.
41. I then did a second basecoat of P3 Bootstrap Leather.
42. The first highlight on the bag was done with a mixture of one part P3 Bootstrap Leather and one part P3 Marrow White.
43. A final highlight was given to the bag with more Marrow White added to the above mixture.
44. I then decided to try to paint a Chaos Symbol using the instructions given by Dave Taylor on his blog davetaylorminiatures.com. I used P3 Sanguine Base to block out the symbol.
45. The first highlight to the symbol was a mix of P3 Sanguine Base and P3 Sanguine Highlight.
46. A final highlight of P3 Skorne Red was put on the symbol.

With that I decided the miniature was finished. Here is a picture of it fully painted.

While I am unhappy with the symbol, I love the look of the miniature overall. I will be painting up the other two and basing them. Watch for pictures coming soon.